Miss Beaty’s Cupboard

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A little bit about me...

As a girl, I wanted to be called Jenny, have a hot husband with an accent and have five adorable kids! I dreamt of huge family meals and a house full of friends and laughter! And I really wanted one of those station wagons with woodeffect doors... seriously!  

I wanted to matter, make a difference and be surrounded with lots of people I loved. Simple!

My childhood is honestly something out of one of those daytime movies, but by the loving hand of Heavenly Father, grace, and true kindness from others...the path I am on now is the one I could only dream of as a child.

I let go of the name Jenny... But I did achieve the foriegn cutie as a husband!  We are blessed with 4 very sweet, heathly children, a chubby,  ornery cat and a very clever Gaby. We often have our home filled with giggles and the the chatter of friends & family...I do feel loved, but more importantly, I love on others... this makes me happy! 

I stubbled upon my passion six years ago when our second son, Fisher experienced harsh reactions to nearly every suncream under the sun! I was at a loss and frusturated! So after much research, trial and error...I created my own...and Miss Beaty's Cupboard was born! 

The transistion to using dōTERRA essential oils was a natural one, although it took time.  And now...I have this passion and sometimes annoying desire to put oils on everyone I meet! 




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