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One of my favourite things about my job has to be meeting so many interesting and lovely people that I’d really never get the opportunity to meet otherwise!

Fortunately, I get to meet up with new people regularly and share how dōTERRA essential oils can benefit, sonetimes transform, thier lives! 

I love this!  I get a bit giddy about meeting new folks! I just love hearing their stories!

Once upon a time, I fancied being a writer... I think this was such a foreign idea to my husband that it made him fall in love with me! I had this dream of travelling and compiling the life stories of men and and women, young and old, in remote areas. I suppose it’s not too late! 

I feel so privileged because I do hear the most remarkable stories and meet some pretty smashing people... even if they don’t think so themselves!! Everyone has their story. And every story holds a lesson.

Do you know someone with a story?