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Whipped Body Butter


One my earliest memories of using body lotion was a beautiful farm my mother and I visited when we first moved to Maui. There were exotic  women making ornate baskets from palm  leaves, fresh coconut milk on offer and this amazing smelling coconut lotion!! We left with a case!! 

I have never been able to recreate that delicious smelling magic... but making my own whipped body butter does bring the island to the forefront of my mind! 

Pure and honest ingredients... lovingly transformed into a product that is useful and beneficial. 

If you are a lotion or body butter addict, like me... its high time you tried your hand  at making your own! You will be shocked at how easy the process really is.


Your finished products will be as good as your ingredients, so be sure to source quality ingredients. An electric mixer is a handy tool when making your body butter. 

-50grams of unrefined shea butter

-50grams of unrefined cocoa butter

-100grams of coconut oil

-1/8cup of almond oil or fractionated coconut oil

20 drops (total) of your favourite dōTERRA essential oil. 


Over a double burner, melt your butters and oils together, except for the essential oils. 

Once melted, take from the heat, transfer to your mixing bowl and let cool. This is when I pop the bowl in the fridge for 35 minutes. You want the colour to change to a warm honey hue. The middle of the bowl to still be a little wobbly. 

At this point, an electric mixer is your best friend...although not impossible to do by hand.  On a medium to high setting, whip the mixture until peaks form...think meringue.  This may take 3-5 minutes depending on how chilled your mixture is. If the mixture is not turning white or forming peaks after 5 minutes, pop te bowl back in the fridge for a little longer.

You can add your essential oils now, stirring them in with a spatula or wooden spoon. 

Sniff and try the butter on the arm... you may want to add a fee more drops of essential oil. 


Our favourite oil combinations..

Lavender & Lime  |  Peppermint

Wild Orange & Geranium  |  Bergamont & Balance


This recipe will make three good size tubs of body butter...I like to reuse jam jars...they make a cute present. 

The body butter should be stored in a cool, dry place and best used within 12 months.... but theres nothing in it that will be harmful after 12 months... just smells best before 12 months are up;) 


Whipped Body Butter

Tried, tested and loved by all...this whipped butter is the perfect treat for all skin types.

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