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Gaining Confidence

I’ve just finished having a cuddle with this kid... he basically oozes awesomeness!!

I’m not that person... having the confidence this kid has took me 30 years... and counting!  I am a people pleaser...I like to make people happy and for most of my life I was willing to bend and break myself in order to achieve pleasing others.  I was constantly apologizing, for everything and nothing...instead of having confidnce in my own worth, I was ever afraid of being a bother to others around me. 

It seems effortless to him... Fisher knows he is the bees knees! He isn't afraid to make his voice heard or to get his point across! Yet, our Fisher is one of the kindest souls you’ll ever meet!

As I lay with him on his top bunk tonight he asked me to sing the same song I’ve sang to him for the past eight years (because I am hopeless at remembering lyrics and know the words to only two other songs... My Fair Lady ‘I could dance all night’ and the Judd’s ‘Have Mercy’). So there I am singing ‘Give said the little stream’ to my eight year old with my heart ready to burst with love for this little spirit God has entrusted in our care!

And I realise, my confidence has grown as my children have been added to my life... as their spirits have shown more brightly!

Early on as a mother, I became very concious of allowing our children to develope their innate characters. Helping my own children recognize and nurture their own talents, strengths and abilites has helped me to value my own.  Yes, one of my fondest dreams was to build a family...but I have had others and continue to set goals that reach beyond the calling of a mother. I’m not just a mom, but I’m a better version of me because I am a mom! 

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